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Information technology or engineering management and technical solutions. Experienced in engineering management, data architecture and database development. He has over 15 years hands-on experience in SQL Server. He has managed Handley Computer Corp for over 20 years.




            Languages: T-SQL, Visual Basic.NET, C#, VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, XML, HTML, and additional languages



            Databases: MS SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014, JET



            Tools: C#,VB.net,VBA, VB6, VS 2005/2008, RedGate tools, ADO, DAO, DTS,  SSIS, SS Job Agent, Vmware, nant, CruiseControl, SVN, Visual Sourcesafe, Installshield, INNO, Office tools, Crystal, MS Access reports, SS Reporting Services 2008, WS-FTP, Photoshop



As the president of Handley Computer Corporation I typically managed technical database projects with three to twelve contractors and/or client employees. This involved personnel decisions, training and education of employees, and client interaction.


Corporate management: I ran the corporation over 10 years providing a stable enviroment for employees and service to clients.


Personnel: I recruited, mentored, and promoted many employees in the technical, financial and sales areas.


Business Model: I believe the success of the business was based on open and continuous communication with both employees and clients.




1996 through present

President, Handley Computer Corporation - Boulder, Colorado


I  founded and currently manage this computer consulting firm. My primary interest is solutions management, database architecture and design. My consulting company provides programming services for Visual Basic (all versions), SQL Server (all versions), Microsoft Access (all versions), COM/DCOM/DDE, .NET, and HTML/XML. I am also responsible for software builds of Windows Servers as well as various versions of SQL Server, Exchange Server, SMS, IIS, ISA Server, and Sharepoint.


For Digidata Corporation 2011 senior database development:

SQL SERVER 2008 R2 database architecture/design/writing stored procedures, indexes, etc(expert level)

            SVN, coordinating software development

            DBA and QA support

             Project Management


For Vail Resorts 2008 through 2010 senior applications developer:

SQL SERVER 2000/2005/2008 database architecture/design/writing stored procedures, triggers, indexes, etc (expert level)

            Programming VB6 (expert level), 2005 c#.net and 2008 vb.net

            Improved search functionality and indexing

            Query tuning and optimization

            VB6 to VB.net interop connector to execute .net reports from VB6

            Crystal reporting (expert level), SSRS reporting.

            SVN, coordinating software development with a team of 3-4 programmers

            RPOS database migration changes from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008


My Microsoft applications development experience started in 1992/3 with VB3 through VB.Net, Microfocus COBOL, MS Access 1.0 through 2007, and SQL Server 7 through 2005 developing the following:

            A client tracking system for Jefferson County

            A system in MS Access 2.0/95 with VBA for lab billing

            A failsafe conference registration system in MS Access 95/97 for large conferences for the Geological Society of America. This conference registration system is currently available as a retail software product.

            An invoice system in MS Access 95/97 primarily written in VBA and SQL for the Western Dairy Council and Idaho Dairy Council.

            A voter contact system in MS Access 97/VBA/SQL for used by numerous political candidates for voter contact, field operations and fund raising.

            A sales/purchase system interfacing with MAS90 for Horizon Organic dairy written in Access 97/2000.

            A membership tracking system for the Internet Chamber of Commerce for membership email contacts, badges, etc connected to a web front-end MySQL database.

            A customer resource management system in MS Access 97 through 2003 interfacing with the CATS customer complaint system,  MySQL and SQLServer 2000.

            A medical billing extraction system written in ASP.Net

            Outlook VBA program to interface with a MySQL database via XML for a Corporate Express sales system

            A national security system for tracking and evaluating cars/truck entering secure areas written in VB6

            A lab management system with an MS Access 2000/03/VBA/SQL front end and SQL2005 Express backend


Prior tp 1996 HCC developed FLEXTRAC, an object oriented database package suitable for a variety of administrative applications. My company was responsible for operation of three servers, associated peripherals, personal computers, and remote communications.  We conducted various training seminars, including technical courses in data center management, systems programming, operations, program design and programming techniques.

For ten years I headed a team, which designed, implemented and operated JEFTRAC, an object-oriented database for client tracking. We developed the JEFTRAC System for the Jefferson County Department of Social Services, provided service for a number of years, then converted it to a Windows NT OS. JEFTRAC contained more than 100,000 lines of code.



Past president of the 1000 member Rocky Mountain Windows Technology User Group. Member of the Boulder and Denver SQL Server user groups, Denver Area Access user group and Boulder .Net user group. Former webmaster of Chapter 43, Experimental Aircraft Association.



Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Degree in Electrical Engineering, minor courses in Economics.


As an Electrical Engineer, wrote hardware interfaces and was responsible for hardware maintenance on a variety of projects.  My background in Economics is particularly valuable for developing business and financial systems.



Commercial Instrument rated Multi Engine 2000+ hour aircraft pilot.


General manager on construction of four residential homes and two commercial buildings.


Political consultant on multiple local, state and national campaigns.



Travel, construction, skiing and hiking.